Infri Self Sealing Sterilization Pouches

Box of 200 pieces

Sizes :

5.7cm x 10cm (Files / Burs)

7.0cm x 26cm (Diagnostic Instruments )

9.0cm x 26cm (Diagnostic Instruments/ Extraction Instruments etc.)

13.5cm x 28cm (Orthodontic Instruments / Surgical Instruments etc.)

30.5cm x 38cm ( Implant Kit)

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INR 350.00

-INR 50.00

INR 400.00

INR 350.00 per Box

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  • The self-sealing pouches for steam or gas sterilisation, with internal and external colour-changing indicators to confirm that sterilisation has been successfully performed.
  • These sterilisation pouches are produced by coupling a film of transparent polypropylene to a sheet of white insulating high grade medical paper.
  • High production quality guarantees exceptional strength.
  • Assured sterility; packed items must be sterilized by 3 sterilization parameters, time, temperature and sterilant contact, followed by ISO standards and CDC infectioncontrol guides
  • Standard – EN 868, ISO 11607 & 11140.
  • Dual process (external and internal) indicators are made from lead-free, non-toxic, water-based, environmentally friendly ink.
  • Easy peeling - Clean separation of paper and film, when opened, ensures safe presentation of sterile products.
  • Three independant seal lines which ensures a prefect seal for sterilization.
  • Excellent gas permeability and microbial barrier properties.